Thursday, February 23, 2017

Victoria’s Big Beautiful Bus Bonanza Belayed By Budget

Lego Speed Bus [I ride]

Lego Speed Bus [I ride]

Tuesday’s provincial budget did not deliver the two cent per liter fuel tax increase the Victoria Regional Transit Commission was expecting, and so officials there are saying that system expansion plans will be stalled — and transit users might also see service reductions.

VRTC chair Susan Brice says the rejection of the fuel tax increase came as a surprise to her.  “The last six months, I’ve been working closely with the minister of finance and the minister of transportation and infrastructure, ensuring we had all the letters of support from all the municipalities in our area, all of the evidence that they wanted that the community would support this gas tax increase”, she said.

The Commission has been after an increase for several years, and based on it showing up, had been planning system expansion including ten new buses and an additional 24,000 hours of service.  Now, says Brice, they’ll be putting those plans on hold.

Meanwhile, a statement from the Ministry Of Transportation And Infrastructure indicates that it acknowledges the VRTC’s request to increase the fuel tax to pay for the municipalities’ share of planned transit service expansions and it remains committed to working with BC Transit and the VRTC to ensure there are resources in place to move forward with planned service expansions.

The VRTC’s next meeting is coming up this Tuesday February 28.

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Cliff’s Call-February-23-2017

Cliff’s Call – February – 23 – Nursing Home Working Doing A Lap Dance.

The Q’s Rockline Theme Thursday With Scott James 022317: Rockin’ At Laketown Ranch

Laketown Rock Poster [Wideglide Entertainment]

Laketown Rock Poster [Wideglide Entertainment]

Friday May 19 through Sunday May 21, The Q presents the first annual Laketown Rock Festival at the 172 acre Laketown Ranch in the Cowichan Valley (home of Sunfest Country), featuring Sam Roberts Band, Loverboy, Trooper, Honeymoon Suite, Matt Mays, Prism and Headpins — with more to be announced.  Tomorrow morning on The Q Morning Show with Ed Bain, you’ll have another chance to win full weekend passes, including camping and access to The Island’s Rock Pit right in front of the main stage.

On today’s Rockline Theme Thursday, it’s your call:  we can play a song for you by one of the confirmed Canadian artists, or one you’re hoping will be added to the lineup.  Check in with me at noon today and call or text me at 250 475 100.3.

Fire up the audio player below to hear some musical selections which would get thumbs up from the Rockline Theme Thursday judging panel today.

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Win your weekend passes (with camping) this week to The LakeTown Rock Music Festival!

Laketown Rock Poster [Wideglide Entertainment]

PLUS: Your winning tickets gets you access to The Islands Rock Pit right in front of Main Stage! were you may just see Ed dancing his little heart out… (Ed’s appearance not guaranteed)
We will fire up the QMS CAN-more dryer to pick a caller number each morning at a random time. Good luck!

We were lucky enough to talk to Channing Knull about the upcoming Wounded Warrior Run BC. 
The Wounded Warrior Run BC is a relay style run composed of 6 runners running 700KM, from Port Hardy to Victoria, to raise awareness and funds to battle PTSD. This year, our very own awesome roadie Chris is a team member!

(If anyone has the energy for this… why, it would be Chris!)

We got an update from Chris on the run in

mFriday’s at 8:40am, get into our pool to win the lottery.
Sorry! no win on the Friday, February 17th draw :(
We are trying to think up ways to break the losing streak. So far, the best suggestion we came up with is chuck a can (empty?) into the dryer whilst spin it. If you have another suggestion, fire me an email:

This is…. we incendiary.

So awesome! Bruce Springsteen made an Australian boy’s night during a show in Brisbane.

Cliff’s Call-February-22-2017

Cliff’s Call – February – 22 – Stunting As A Pedestrian.

The Q! presents Laketown Rock Festival!

100.3 The Q is proud to present the First Annual Laketown Rock Festival May 19th through 21st at Laketown Ranch in beautiful Lake Cowichan, B.C. From now to May-Long listen to win weekend passes including camping to The Islands Rock Pit party pit in front of the main stage!

The Victoria Day long weekend event will feature camping, music and other festival activities for the whole family. The first wave of artist announcements include: SAM ROBERTS BAND – LOVERBOY – TROOPER – HONEYMOON SUITE – MATT MAYS – PRISM – HEADPINS 

More artist announcements will be coming soon so stay tuned!

Full weekend passes start at $99 and are available now at

100.3 The Q! Presents: The First Laketown Rock Festival!

Laketown Rock Poster [Wideglide Entertainment]
The Victoria Day long weekend (May 19th through 21st)  at Laketown Ranch in Lake Cowichan, B.C. It will be a weekend event featuring camping, music and other festival activities!
The first wave of artist announcements include:
SAM ROBERTS BAND – LOVERBOY – TROOPER – HONEYMOON SUITE – MATT MAYS – PRISM – HEADPINS with more artist announcements will be coming soon.
Full weekend passes start at $99 and are available now at Laketown Rock is presented by Wideglide Entertainment, the producers of Sunfest Country, British Columbia’s largest country music festival.
Laketown Ranch is a new 172 acre multi-use outdoor entertainment complex located in Lake Cowichan B.C. It features Canada’s largest permanent outdoor stage and natural amphitheatere. More venue information can be found at
Win your weekend passes (with camping) this week, Wednesday February 22nd to Friday, February 24th from Ed Bain and The Q! Morning Show at 7:15AM.
PLUS: Your winning tickets gets you access to The Islands Rock Pit right in front of Main Stage! were you may just see Ed dancing his little heart out… (Ed’s appearance not guaranteed)
We will fire up the QMS CAN-more dryer to pick a caller number each morning. Good luck!

Massive David Bowie Statue Being Spearheaded By Fans.

Some David Bowie fans have launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a three-story statue to honor the late music legend that will feature a lightning bolt design similar to the iconic cover of his 1973 album “Aladdin Sane”.
Organizers of the campaign say they are in contact with Bowie’s teams in New York and London about the statue, which would be located in Brixton, south London, where he was born.
“Standing across the road from the equally famous Electric Avenue, the memorial will be a defining part of this most iconic neighborhood,” organizers wrote. “At once completely out-there and utterly down-to-earth.”
Anyone interested in donating to the project can find more information here.

Eric Church Cancels 25,000 Allegedly Scalped Tickets, Rereleases Them To Actual Fans

Eric Church [Pinterest]

Eric Church [Pinterest]

Eric Church doesn’t have a whole lot of patience with those who buy up larage numbers of concert tickets and then attempt to sell them at inflated prices.  Ahead of the kickoff of his 63 date tour across North America starting this Thursday, he’s cancelled about 25,000 tickets which were allegedly bought by scalpers, and rereleased them to fans.  And it was no easy task: it involved going through hundreds of pages of sales reports and nailing scalpers, one ticket at a time.

Says his manager, Fielding Logan at Q Prime South, “We’ve been doing this for a while, but not quite on this scale.”

Together with a crew of interns and employees, Logan searched for telltale purchase patterns indicating scalpage.  That would include multiple purchases on one credit card, or people in one state buying tickets for a show in another state.

“Occasionally we catch someone who we thought was a scalper, but turned out to be a dedicated fan,” says Logan.  In such cases, Logan asked the buyer to appear in person to present ID and pick up their tickets at will call.  “When most of the big brokers heard about those in-person requirements, they just walked away,” he said.

It’s not known how the ticket cancellations will affect ticket resales on sites like StubHub.  Spokesthings there wouldn’t reveal how many Eric Church tickets had been sold through their sites.  “In the rare occurrence a buyer runs into an issue, StubHub will find replacement tickets or offer a full refund,” said Glenn Lehrman of StubHub.  “We are confident in our ability to get people who bought tickets on StubHub into his shows.”

StubHub certainly isn’t doing a lot of pearl-clutching over lost revenue due to attempts to sidestep the secondary market.  January’s Q4 earnings report showed record revenues of $279 million, which is a 20 percent increase over the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Eric Church isn’t sitting around waiting for action from the feds:  he’s bought proprietary software which is used to sniff out sketchy sales.  “This is the most resources I’ve ever seen dedicated to fighting scalpers,” says tour promoter Louis Messina with The Messina Group, who are promoting Church’s Holdin’ My Own Tour.  “They manually have to go through each transaction to scrub the list.  It’s a ton of manpower and money that Eric won’t recoup, but he’s doing it because he believes it’s the right thing to do.”

Some players in the secondary market are doubtful that the efforts will have much of an impact, if any, on major brokers.  “It’s short-sighted because it drives prices up on the tickets that weren’t canceled,” says Patrick Ryan with Eventellect, a brokerage firm which buys and sales tickets in bulk.  “The most nefarious brokers are the ones who are most able to look like a fan.”

Logan says the situation has Church and others re-evaluating how to price their tickets.  He says he was amazed when he found out that Church’s platinum tickets, which usually start at about $260, were on the secondary market for as much as three times their face value.

“We need to do a better job pricing all of our tickets,” he said.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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Stop The Microphones: Iceland’s President Would Make Pineapple On Pizza Illegal If He Could Get Away With It

Hawaiian Pizza [King Arthur Flour]

Hawaiian Pizza [King Arthur Flour]

There are those (such as moi) who adore it.  There are those who despise it.  And then, there are those who despise it so much that they wish they could use their powers as the President of Iceland to make putting it on a pizza illegal.

Oh, sweet-tart juicy crunchy pineapple.  What have you done, beloved ananas, to deserve this shade from Mr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson?

In what it refers to as a “political bombshell”, Iceland Magazine notes that the President over there is on record as saying he would ban pineapple as a topping on pizzas, if he were allowed to pass laws on his own.  Apparently a flamefest erupted after the President was queried by students during a visit to a high school as to his position on pineapple as a topping, which is ostensibly a hot-button issue there.

The Internets quickly got wind of the controversial statements, and the situation began trending on Twitter, with hordes of individuals and entities chiming in on the contentious issue.

I’m just glad we live in a country where pizza toppings are not at risk of discrimination based on their pineappleness.  Additionally, I’m craving a Hawaiian pizza so much right now that I can’t even.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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