Get On The Q's Payroll

This fall, The Q! is getting desperate…so we’re going to pay you $50 an hour to listen when you get on The Q's Payroll.

Want to be one of our paid listeners? Apply to join The Q!'s Payroll here.

Then, every weekday at the beginning of the hour from 7:00 am til 5:00 pm, September 2 through 19, we'll reveal the name of one of our applicants.

If that's you, you'll have 100.3 seconds to call us back at 250-475-1003 to be put on The Q!’s Payroll and get paid $50 an hour just for listening.

At the end of the hour, we’ll give another applicant the opportunity to call us. If that new applicant doesn't call us back within the allotted time period, the qualifier prior will continue to be on The Q!’s Payroll for another hour, earning another $50!

Everyone ‘hired’ on The Q!’s Payroll will also be invited to the The Q!’s Payday Party here at the Rock Research Centre on Tuesday, September 23 where all the "staff" will receive their paycheques and enjoy some refreshments.

Oh, and we'll do a draw from all the "staff" for a $5,000 cash bonus!

See the official rules 'n regulations here.

Win VIP Seating and Service at the Tally Ho!

100.3 The Q! is excited to team up with the Tally Ho Sports Bar & Grill to promote NFL Football this season!

Check out all the NFL action on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night at the Tally Ho; featuring:

•    40 Big Screens & 3 Mega Screens
•    Your chance at winning a trip to the Super Bowl XLIX OR a trip to see the San Diego Chargers vs. St. Louis Rams
•    Enjoy NFL Weekly Menus, Game Day Specials and a $3 Sunday breakfast (Tally Ho opens at 9AM on Sundays)

We’ve also got your chance to win VIP Seating at Service at every Monday Night Football Game, including:

•    VIP seating for you and three friends in front of a mega-screen
•    Complimentary beverages and appetizers
•    T-shirts and other NFL Swag

Just email your NAME and TELEPHONE NUMBER to for your chance to win!

The Q! Afternoon Show’s Ryan Awram will announce the winner every Monday until the end of the season.


The Q!'s Rock Door

The easiest radio contest on the west coast — The Q!'s Rock Door — is going up on the hoist.

After going up on the hoist this summer, the new and improved Rock Door has returned to The Q! Morning show wider, funner, easier and betterer than ever before.

The song behind the Rock Door will change — and be solved — every day. We'll keep taking callers until someone gets it right, and the lucky solver will win one of our rotating prizes of questionable value.

Listen weekdays at 7:50 am with Ed Bain & The Q Morning Show, and be the right caller to 250-475-1003 to play.

It's all brought to you by Coastal Heat Pumps...feel comfortable, feel juuuust right.

Ed Bain's Polka Monster

Each weekday at 8:15 am, The Q!'s Ed Bain straps on his accordion and belts out a rock tune with all the gusto his 5' 2" frame can manage.

Be the right caller to (250) 475-1003 and correctly name the tune to win the exclusive and highly coveted "I Beat The Polka Monster" T-Shirt from The Q!

It's all brought to you by Thrifty Foods. Members can now convert Club Thrifty Foods points to Air Miles reward miles.

The Retro A-Go-Go

Ryan Awram presents: the Retro-A-Go-Go!

Weekday afternoons at 4:15, Ryan tests your 70s and 80s savvy with trivia questions, and if you know the answers, you win great stuff!

The Retro A-Go-Go is brought to you by Pennzoil EZ Lube and car wash. High performance motor oils and low pressure technicians on Jacklin Road in lovely Langford.