The Q!'s Beater Bonanza: RV Edition

100.3 The Q! is bringing our Beater Bonanza back! This time, it’s our RV EDITION! Each week, we’re giving you the chance to be one of five lucky winners who will get to pick their very own RV from our fleet, one of which has $5000 inside the fridge!

Starting on Monday, March 23 until Sunday, April 26, we’ll contest each week and qualify  listeners to be put into our weekly grand prize draw to win one of our RVs.

Listen for the cue-to-call (SFX: the sound of a vehicle trying to start), and be caller #25 at 250-475-1003 when you hear it and you'll be put into the draw. 

Then, each Monday morning, The Q! Morning Show will pick our weekly grand prize winner who will win one of our Beater RVs.

At the end of the contest, all 5 grand prize winners will be invited down to The Q! where the will be awarded an RV from our fleet and one lucky winner will find $5000 inside!

Here's the fleet:

o    Motorhome: 1976 Dodge Motorhome – Butterball
o    Tent trailer: 1974 Lionel Tent Trailer – Lionel
o    Airstream: 1968 Airstream Travel Trailer – Silver Bullet
o    Truck + 5th Wheel: Vanguard 5th wheel trailer + 1992 GMC truck – Fifth de Mansion
o    Van conversion: VW Westfalia Rustfalia

Have a listen to the wonderful audio features for each of our Beaters, too!

The Q!'s Rock Door

The easiest radio contest on the west coast — The Q!'s Rock Door — is going up on the hoist.

After going up on the hoist this summer, the new and improved Rock Door has returned to The Q! Morning show wider, funner, easier and betterer than ever before.

The song behind the Rock Door will change — and be solved — every day. We'll keep taking callers until someone gets it right, and the lucky solver will win one of our rotating prizes of questionable value.

Listen weekdays at 7:50 am with Ed Bain & The Q Morning Show, and be the right caller to 250-475-1003 to play.

It's all brought to you by Coastal Heat Pumps...feel comfortable, feel juuuust right.

Ed Bain's Polka Monster

Each weekday at 8:15 am, The Q!'s Ed Bain straps on his accordion and belts out a rock tune with all the gusto his 5' 2" frame can manage.

Be the right caller to (250) 475-1003 and correctly name the tune to win the exclusive and highly coveted Bobble Ed from The Q!

It's all brought to you by Thrifty Foods. Members can now convert Club Thrifty Foods points to Air Miles reward miles.

The Retro A-Go-Go

Ryan Awram presents: the Retro-A-Go-Go!

Weekday afternoons at 4:15, Ryan tests your 70s and 80s savvy with trivia questions, and if you know the answers, you win great stuff!

The Retro A-Go-Go is brought to you by Pennzoil EZ Lube and car wash. High performance motor oils and low pressure technicians on Jacklin Road in lovely Langford.


These aren’t contests per se, but we didn’t know where else to put them, so HERE YA GO! =)



Thursdays at 8:40 am, Ed Bain's completely original, never-been-done-on-radio-before idea comes to life with Q-lassifieds.

Phone in to 475-1003 to buy, sell, trade your crap . . . or look for love.

Oh, and please note: no vehicles or appliances. They're kinda boring. =)

The Q!'s Time Machine

Every weekday at 5:00 pm, take a trip back to your misspent youth with The Q!'s Time Machine!

Certified Time Machine pilot Ryan Awram takes you on a guided tour of years gone by featuring the music, news, events and pop culture which were relevant to that year.

Keep your hands, arms feet and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and enjoy the ride.

The Q!'s Time Machine: proving it's easier to squeeze a year's worth of memories into 30 minutes than it is for you to squeeze into your old jeans from 1981.

Minor League Sports

Each weekday at 8:30 am, Kirby's Source for Sports brings you Minor League Sports with Cliff LeQuesne, showcasing a local minor league sports team, local minor league hero, or upcoming tournament event.

Know about one of those? We want to hear from you! e-mail and tell us all about it.