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From Monday, January 26th to Friday, January 30th we will giving away ticket in rows 5-1 to see The Tragically Hip Wednesday, February 4, at Save on Foods Memorial Centre! See The Hip do Fully Completely in its entirety!  

Tragically Hip -- Fully Completely

At 7:15am daily, we will be playing “Hip or Not Hip” with our vary own sultan o’ hip Cliff. Just guess if Cliff will think what we present him with is hip or unhip to win. Get it right, you win. Get it wrong and the vulture wins.

Dance like no one is watching…

   These are pretty epic. Here is the latest.

Love it or find it creepy, these are here.

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The Q!'s Rock Door

Guess the song. Win the money.

The Q!'s Rock Door

The easiest radio contest on the west coast — The Q!'s Rock Door — is going up on the hoist.

After going up on the hoist this summer, the new and improved Rock Door has returned to The Q! Morning show wider, funner, easier and betterer than ever before.

The song behind the Rock Door will change — and be solved — every day. We'll keep taking callers until someone gets it right, and the lucky solver will win one of our rotating prizes of questionable value.

Listen weekdays at 7:50 am with Ed Bain & The Q Morning Show, and be the right caller to 250-475-1003 to play.

It's all brought to you by Coastal Heat Pumps...feel comfortable, feel juuuust right.

Solve the Rock Door this week and win tickets to The Victoria Royals VS Red Deer Rebels on Saturday, February 7th. (Plus a tin of Ed’s nuts)

Ed Bain's Polka Monster

Decipher what Ed's massacring on the accordion and win.

Ed Bain's Polka Monster

Each weekday at 8:15 am, The Q!'s Ed Bain straps on his accordion and belts out a rock tune with all the gusto his 5' 2" frame can manage.

It's ugly, but entertaining.

Be the right caller to 475-100.3, correctly name the tune, and win the exclusive and very coveted "I Beat The Polka Monster" t-Shirt from The Q!

It's all brought to you by Thrifty Foods. Members can now convert Club Thrifty Foods points to Air Miles reward miles.

Cliff's Call

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Cliff's Call

Weekdays at 7:35 am on The Q! Morning Show, our outspoken Cliff LeQuesne speaks his mind about something current on Cliff's Call

You may think he's right. You may think he's wrong. That's your call.

Cliff's Call is brought to you by Tedford Overhead Doors.

Cliff’s Call, January 26th: Chris Coleman.