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This is just downright creepy.


 This is a pretty good rock story.


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Oct 27th – Jesus will get the tab.

Oct 23rd – Breakups are tuff.

Oct 21st – Imagination, it saves relationships and makes money.

Oct 20th – We collect some key listener info.

 Oct 17th – Sam Roberts on the show talking Canadian weather, vinyl records and Cliff being in the bathroom.

The Q!'s Rock Door

Guess the song. Win the money.

The Q!'s Rock Door

It's the easiest radio contest on the west coast: The Q!'s Rock Door.

Weekdays at 7:50 am with Ed Bain & The Q Morning Show, be the right caller to 250-475-1003 to play.

Just identify the song and artist behind The Q!'s Rock Door and win the jackpot, which starts at $100 and grows by $10 each day it's not identified.

Listen to it here:

From Monday, October 27th to Friday, October 31st win a can of Ed’s Nuts.


And check out past Rock Door Guesses, courtesy

Ed Bain's Polka Monster

Decipher what Ed's massacring on the accordion and win.

Ed Bain's Polka Monster

Each weekday at 8:15 am, The Q!'s Ed Bain straps on his accordion and belts out a rock tune with all the gusto his 5' 2" frame can manage.

Be the right caller to 475-100.3, correctly name the tune, and win the exclusive and very coveted "I Beat The Polka Monster" t-Shirt from The Q! and the Polka Monster's proud sponsor, Industrial Plastics & Paints, delivering solutions. Visit

Cliff's Call

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Cliff's Call

Weekdays at 7:35 am on The Q! Morning Show, our outspoken Cliff LeQuesne speaks his mind about something current on Cliff's Call

You may think he's right. You may think he's wrong. That's your call.

It's brought to you by Jenner Chevrolet on the Old Island Highway.

October 29th, 2014 on Cliff’s Call: Russell Wilson.