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Cliff’s Call-January-19-2017

Cliff’s Call – January 19 – Privacy In Locker Rooms.


The Q’s Rockline Theme Thursday With Scott James 011917: The Kids

Rowan For Kids Rockline Theme Thursday [Scott James]

Today on The Q Afternoon Show starring Ryan Awram you’re going to have a chance to acquire tickets to the completely sold out consumer tasting at the completely sold out Victoria Whisky Festival, during his live rock auction (rauction?).  Check in with Ryan starting at 2, put in a bid, and you might just end up with a couple of the most coveted tickets in the city.

The proceeds from Ryan’s auction will benefit The Q’s TLC Fund For Kids, and those wee ones are what today’s Rockline Theme Thursday is about:  we’ll be playing songs with kids or children (not babies) in their titles.

If there’s a particular song you’d like me to play for you, send me an e-mail request, or join me at noon oh five and call or text me at 250 475 100.3 as we kid around, on The Q’s Rockline Theme Thursday.

Fire up the audio player below to hear some musical selections which would get thumbs up from the Rockline Theme Thursday judging panel today.

Love, Dr. Scott “Childish” James
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PS:  Speaking of the kids, the BC Women’s Provincial Milk Bank is running low; they have about 4,000 ounces on hand, and would like to be up around 30,000 in order to meet the ever-increasing demand.  If you’d like more information on how to donate, head over this way.

Alanis Morissette: Someone (Also) Had Their Hand In Her Pocket


Alanis Morissette’s former business manager admits to ripping her off for millions, and has now copped a plea.

Federal prosecutors say a business manager who embezzled more than $6.5 million from the singer and other entertainment and sports figures has agreed to plead guilty. Jonathan Todd Schwartz agreed January 18 to plead guilty in L.A. federal court to two felonies that carry a maximum of 23 years in federal prison.

Schwartz admitted taking nearly $5 million from Morissette and $1.7 million from two other clients.

When confronted about the theft from Morissette, Schwartz had claimed he had invested the money in an illegal marijuana business. Prosecutors say he now says that was a lie.

Schwartz would face up to six years in prison under the plea deal.



A Lot Of Actors With No Sense Of Humor Might Have Pooh-Poohed This Role

Picard Facepalm [Imgur]

Picard Facepalm [Imgur]

But don’t let anyone ever tell you that Sir Patrick Stewart doesn’t have a sense of humor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the revered actor has signed on to be part of the voiceover cast for the forthcoming The Emoji Movie from Sony Pictures, which could be up for an Oscar, if there’s an Oscar category for Most Product Placements Crammed Into A Single Film.  Other voice talents include T.J. Miller, Ilana Glazer, Jennifer Coolidge, Maya Rudolph, James Corden, Steven Wright and Rob Riggle.

What’s Sir Patrick voicing?  This:

Poop Emoji [Huffington Post]


That’s right.  One of the most beloved classically trained actors in the solar system is voicing a pile of poo.  Albeit a lovable pile of poo.

I can’t believe I just typed “poo”.

The Emoji Movie hits fans theaters Friday August 04; here’s a peek, with Steven Wright losing his — uh — bubbling over with his usual hyperactive enthusiasm as he introduces the film.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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Bob Seger’s Tribute ‘Glenn Song’ on Anniversary of Glenn Frey’s Passing

Bob Seger has released a tribute song, available for free download, dedicated to his late friend Glenn Frey on the one-year anniversary of the Eagles member’s passing.

“There’s no chorus per se or title section or anything. The idea was just to honour his memory and talk, very specifically, about my impression of him in 1966 when we first met.”

Click here to hear the “Glenn Song.”

Seger’s first hit, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, released in 1969, featured Frey on background vocals. The two remained close throughout their careers.

Frey died on Jan. 18, 2016, and Seger later sang Heartache Tonight, which he co-wrote for the Eagles in 1979, at Frey’s memorial ceremony.


QMS audio-January-18-2017

January 18 – SON OF A BOT! (tuff getting tickets these days)

January 16 – That Is One Randy Tortoise.

January 13 – No, Police Can’t Do Anything About The Weather.

January 10 – That’s One Fast Biffy…


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Fridays at 8:40am, get into our pool to win the lottery.
Sorry… no win on the Friday, January 13th draw :(

Canadian skeet shooting.

This looks awesome!

Cliff’s Call-January-18-2017

Cliff’s Call – January 18 – K.K.K Attention Grabbers.

Scott’s Tuesday QuickPoll™: Desert Trip 2017 Possibilities

Desert Trip 2 (or II) [Goldenvoice/Scott James]

We haven’t heard for sure that Desert Trip will be back this year — although considering last year’s was the most lucrative concert ever, pulling down $US160 million, one might think the organizers mad for not reprising it.  In any case, there’s been no end of speculation about who might appear there (for the first time), and I’ve collected an admittedly non-exhaustive list of the names which appear to be among the most embiggened.  To quote Bo Diddley, who do you love?

Love, Dr. Scott James
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Cliff’s Call-January-17-2017

Cliff’s Call – January 17 – Fences On Pandora St.