Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cliff’s Call-May-4-2016

Cliff’s Call, May 4th: Body Image.

100.3 The Q! To Simulcast Prince’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ (Wed. May 4 @3:07pm)

A Minneapolis radio station has invited radio stations across North America to pay tribute to the legendary Minneapolis native by joining in a simulcast of Prince’s version of Nothing Compares 2 U. Prince wrote the song in the mid-’80s which Sinead O’Connor covered and went on to have a massive hit.

KCMP (89.3 The Current) Minneapolis came up with this simulcast idea to air Prince’s recording at exactly 3:07 PT on Wednesday May 4.

It marks “7 hours and 13 days” since Prince’s death on April 21st, referencing the song’s opening lyric.

“It’s been 7 hours and 13 days, since you took your love away,” Prince’s version begins. “I go out every night and sleep all day, since you took your love away …”

Sinead O’Connor’s version changed the time span to “7 hours and 15 days.”

Besides 100.3 The Q! in Victoria, other stations reportedly confirmed to join the Minneapolis station in the simulcast are WFUV New York, WXPN Philadelphia and KEXP Seattle.

You can get involved via social media, too. Tweet, Facebook or Instagram clips of yourself singing along, or use the hashtag #NothingCompares2U.

Thanks to Billboard online for sharing this story.


Desert Trip: The festival of a lifetime

An update on that festiva-to-end-all-festivals: it’s happening!

The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Neil Young, and The Who will be part of “Desert Trip“, October 7-9 in Indio, California.

3-day passes start at $399 – check it all out here and get planning that road trip!


100.3 The Q!’s Bed Races on Beacon

100.3 The Q!’s Bed Races on Beacon is back on Sunday, August 28 from Noon – 3PM on Beacon Avenue in Sidney

Teams of runners will take part in head-to-head races on beds in support of Palliative Care at Rest Haven Lodge.

Registration is now open, so get your Bed Race Team together and sign-up! Entry fee is $500 and there are 5 – 10 people permitted per team. Race spots are limited are available on a first come, first served basis.

For every additional $1000 raised (over and above entry fee) teams will get a 6’ head start in the qualifying rounds. Costumes are highly encouraged as the day will kick off with a parade in front of the judges where the best costumes will be chosen.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Get your team together and try and take on The Q!’s team, The Sheet-Ed’s! We placed second last year and are looking to move up to FIRST!


QMS audio-May-3-2016

May 03 – Tough Times For Finnish Post.

April 28 – Order Your Very Own Trump Banana… (Or Not)

April 27 – The Computer Simulation Of The New TCH/McKenzie Interchange Is A Bit Too Real.

April 25 – Nothing Holds A Marriage Together Like K.F.C

April 22 – Naked Dining, Bet The Serving Staff Here Gets Sick Of Hearing “How’s The Bangers And Mash?”.

April 19 – Mini Goats Are In Says Saanich Council.


Cliff’s Call-May-3-2016

Cliff’s Call, May 3rd: Reena Virk’s Killer Seeking Day Parole.

Prince’s Best-Selling Songs Following His Death

A staggering amount of Prince’s music has been purchased online since his April 21 death.

His status on Billboard’s charts had faded in previous decades, but his death proves the lasting power of his music. He sold 239,000 albums on April 21 alone, according to Nielsen Music, which tracks sales. Over that weekend, he sold another 399,000 albums.

Those weekend sales were up 16,000% over the previous weekend, when just 2,500 Prince albums were sold.

Here’s Prince’s top 20 best-selling songs in the week ending April 21, according to Nielsen Music:

Sales, Title
122,000, “Purple Rain”*
100,000, “When Doves Cry”
85,000, “Little Red Corvette”
82,000, “Kiss”*
75,000, “Let’s Go Crazy”*
65,000, “1999”
52,000, “I Would Die 4 U”*
49,000, “Raspberry Beret”*
37,000, “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
24,000, “Diamonds and Pearls”**
23,000, “U Got the Look”
22,000, “Darling Nikki”*
19,000, “Adore”
18,000, “Erotic City”*
16,000, “7”***
13,000, “Cream”**
13,000, “Baby I’m a Star”*
13,000, “The Beautiful Ones”*
12,000, “Gett Off”**
12,000, “Do Me Baby”

*Prince and the Revolution
**Prince and the N.P.G.
***Prince and the New Power Generation


The Q’s Rock Door-May-2-2016

Solve the Rock Door at 7:50am this week and win a can of Ed’s totally Baked Pork & Bains and a $25 gift certificate to Wings Restaurant.


It’s Monster Truck week on the Polka Monster! Vanquish the Polka Monster at 8:15AM and win tickets to the trucks’ on May 27th at Western Speedway.
Operation Track Shoes is a very rewarding way to help your community. It’s a sports festival for the citizens of British Columbia who have a developmental disability. They need volunteers in a big way!
Full details here.


Fridays at 8:40am, get into our pool to win the Lotto Max draw! We will always play two sets of random numbers and one set of seven numbers determined by the dryer gods.
Sorry, no win on the Friday, April 29th draw.

That’s pretty amazing.
Two students won a $10,00 Lemelson MIT-Student-Prize for creating the SignAloud gloves, which translate American Sign Language into speech or text.

Wow that’s purdy!