Victoria City Council Eyes More Protection For Riders And Walkers

Nov 29, 2017 Scott James


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  1. The “mulled recommendations” are very one sided and don’t appear to give consideration to the responsibility of cyclists and pedestrians. The reform group needs to also put forward strong recommendations for legislation (enforceable) ensuring that cyclists and pedestrians become responsible for their own safety as well. a few needed

    abiding by the rules of the road,

    training and licensing for cyclists using roadways and designated cycle paths,

    being visible by using appropriate lights and reflective clothing,

    rules around distracted cycling and walking,

    As the current roads are designed for and used predominantly by a user group in cars, buses and trucks, strong consideration needs to be given to the existing rules in place for safe and responsible use. Cyclists and pedestrians have a responsibility to adapt to, understand, and abide by the existing rules. Just because their numbers are increasing, and there is a focus on modifying roadways to accommodate and increase their safety, this does not absolve them of being accountable for their own safety.

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