Scotland As Canada’s 11th Prrrrovince? Och Aye, Says Ken McGoogan

Apr 19, 2017 Scott James


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  1. Instead of National Socialists we could be like the opposite – INTERNATIONAL Socialists
    ~we don’t need to be Elite, eh?!, we just need to be Big. Think Really BIG…

    Like (hehe – Beauty, eh?!) Scotland as the 11th Province in our New Dominion of Canada, Trinidad and Tobago as 12th, maybe the Dominican Republic (and those 2 other Carribean countries that applied to be part of Canada each over the past 3 decades)… that Malaysian country from a few years ago also asked to join – we could start a trend!!

    The rest of the World could become Canadian, and, We would never be allowed to complain about our winters Again.

    AND we could equalize our own population (as the 2nd largest ice-berg (of a country) in the WORLD) from measly 40 million to USA’s 400 million… to competing with China – Ice-berg PLUS tropical coastal unlimited. Betcha our Buck would be worth ~Almost~ a dollar then!

    • …Think about, They would have Hawaii and Alaska (for a barrel of fish and 2 walruses in trade)
      ~and we would have Jamaica and Scotland for the asking.

      Way to stabilize Our pan-handle *:)

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