Today’s Marijuana Legislation HIGHlights

Apr 13, 2017 Scott James


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  1. hmmm… Remember those anti-competition laws the States introduced a few years back…
    …what with Pot tourism a new destination vacation …and Washington IS right there~

    Did you realize BC Bud has been an international brand for decades? (you know commercial branding – we’ve won the World Cannabis Cup regularly in like Forever) and that same pound of bud here for $2000 CDN (~cough~ at 74 cents) is worth $7000 US in both L.A. and New York. That’s a Buck Twenty-Six in Monopoly money…
    ~International Branding – you gotta luv it – popular recognition of the Good Kind Canadian made~

    …maybe we should ask the ?27 legalized American States to join Canada along with Scotland and Jamaica!!!
    (it would be like the opposite of Detroit – World unifying legislation)

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