Q! Listener Gift: Tragically Hip, ’89 at The Forge

Jun 09, 2016 Ryan & Heather


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  1. That show was great! It was only 5 or 10 dollars, they left Victoria for a US tour, cut their first album and came back to Vic and tix were 30 or so next time


  2. I remember they came twice to the Forge down stairs Strathcona Hotel in a short period of time in 1989 or so . The first time they played there was not many people there, maybe about a third full if memory serves. For some reason the bar staff setup a fold up wooden table directly in front of the stage that ended up with a group of about 8 or so navy sailors sitting at the table. Near the end of the Hips first set Gordon grabbed the mic out of the mic stand and proceeded to kick the mic stand onto the table and wiped out the many drinks that these guys had on their table. I thought to myself that this singer guy is going to get in a fight now and these guys are going to kick his ass. To my surprise they cheered him on even though they were wet and drinks were spilled. Near the end of the Hips last set Gordon did the same thing and kicked out his mic stand on them again and I thought now he’s gonna get it from the sailors but they still cheered. I think CFUV the UVIC station had played some of their songs so that is why I went and checked them out. Shortly after that ” New Orleans is Sinking ” came out on the radio so when they returned to the Forge it was a packed show. I had more fun though at the first one with the shenanigans that they got away with.

    • Thanks for sharing, Tony. What a fantastic Tragically Hip memory. Such a vivid story of that night at The Forge. How many times have you seen the band since then, Tony?

  3. I was there 🙂 Think it was a Monday night. Yup only a handful of people in the bar. Was any amazing show 🙂 Knew they were going to be big!

    • I lived in Victoria for a few months at that time and I was one of the handfuls. I was underage and used the worst fake ID in history to get in. I think the only reason I went is that I was bored and walking around and it seemed like a cool place to be. I only caught the last set and it changed what i thought live music was supposed to be . I remember Gord freaked me the f**k out!! (very hyper/spastic, I do seem to recall the drinks flying,) but I was hooked.

      The fact that I found this site is amazing because the the only reason I saw this is I was reminiscing about the Hipwith some buddies and was telling the story about wandering into a bar in Victoria all those years ago. and was wondering if there would be any record of them playing in Victoria around that time as validation. What a great find!

      I can say that that was a great time and place to be young, free and a music fan!

      • That’s a crazy story, Jay. You and Carol and the handful of others who were there got in on the ground floor. Good work! =) webmeister Bud

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