Cliff’s Call-April-7-2016

Apr 07, 2016 Graham Caddy


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  1. c’mon man, could you see oak bay allowing a sewage treatment plant in their municipality- never happen. Esquimalt is the “dumping” ground for Victoria. Seriously the waterfront property could be utilized in a better way.
    Multiple smaller plants is the way to go not one massive project which will end up looking like the Johnson st bridge project.
    -4 or 5 strategically located plants around greater Victoria.
    -One cookie cutter design used multiple times
    -reduce consultant fees – which will be in the millions
    -smaller projects are more bidder friendly therefore cheaper to construct and more competitive – -open process ( no concrete form China like the bridge steel)
    -less delays and complications with smaller plants
    -O&M easier not a specialized process therefore less expensive
    – lots of jobs for locals

    this isn’t rocket science there are smaller plants all up and down the island just because the feds are offering up a wad of cash doesn’t mean we have to build the rolls Royce of sewage treatment when what we really need is a fleet of Hondas- reliable and always working

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