Pre – AC/DC Singer Dave Evans Offers Up His Services.

Mar 10, 2016 Graham Caddy


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  1. Sorry is this being played at 45 speed ? Dave didn’t pass the audition in 74 and certainly doesn’t pass the audition in 2016. oh ya please don’t yank those pleather pants up any further it’s disturbing. Angus should do the singing .

    • Don’t think he actually auditioned in 74′ (from what I have read) he had the gig and lost it… and the pants are the secret weapon of high vocal range lol 🙂 But overall, I agree.

  2. How about nobody replace him.Fortunate enough for AC/DC that Bon Scott had already approved of Brain Johnston.The AC/DC gods are getting old.Time to retire if BJ dont come back..and really what the last REALLY good AC/DC album they have made?

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