Ed and Cliff are on vacation until Monday, November 16th. Scott James with egg sit in the interim.


Ed’s New Pork & Bains!… Totally Baked!


The Q! Morning Show’s $Money Laundering Pool$

Fridays at 8:40am get into our pool to win the Lotto Max draw! We will always play two sets of random numbers and one set of seven numbers determined by the dryer gods.

Good luck to the 9 listeners that got into the Friday, Nov. 6th draw! That baby is for a cool $60 million!

Money Launderin-20151106

Mean tweets, country edition.


October 29th was the 50th anniversary of the installation of a Master FM Antenna on the top of the Empire State Building. The global landmark synchronized its world-famous tower lights to Steely Dan’s 1978 smash “FM (No Static At All).”


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