It’s Monster Truck week on the Polka Monster! Vanquish the Polka Monster at 8:15AM and win tickets to the trucks’ on May 27th at Western Speedway.
Operation Track Shoes is a very rewarding way to help your community. It’s a sports festival for the citizens of British Columbia who have a developmental disability. They need volunteers in a big way!
Full details here.


Fridays at 8:40am, get into our pool to win the Lotto Max draw! We will always play two sets of random numbers and one set of seven numbers determined by the dryer gods.
Sorry, no win on the Friday, April 29th draw.

That’s pretty amazing.
Two students won a $10,00 Lemelson MIT-Student-Prize for creating the SignAloud gloves, which translate American Sign Language into speech or text.

Wow that’s purdy!


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