The Q! Morning Show’s $Money Laundering Pool$
Fridays at 8:40am, get into our pool to win the Lotto Max draw! We will always play two sets of random numbers and one set of seven numbers determined by the dryer gods.
Sorry! no win on the Friday, January 08th draw worth $44 Million ;( but we are not discouraged. We will be going after the $50 Million draw Friday, January 15th at 8:40AM!

Money Launderin' 20160108

Crazy… this was just off Nanaimo the other day.

Remember earlier last year when 1000 Foo Fighters fans in the town of Cesena (Italy), got together and performed a cover of ‘Learn To Fly’. The video worked. It went viral and in November the band performed a gig in the Italian town. Fast forward to today and the Foo’s dedicated fans now call themselves the ‘Rockin’ 1000′ and have released another Foo cover, this time taking on the band’s newest single, ‘Saint Cecilia’. The fans recorded themselves performing the song remotely and then cut the audio and footage together to make one group performance of the track.

The Roman Candle minigun… (1001 shots in 45 seconds)


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