“Metallica Smart-allica” for Metallica tickets with a crack at FRONT ROW!
Each day this week win tickets to Metallica, Monday, August 14th at BC Place. Each morning at 7:15AM we will put a somewhat daft question out there and you text a “Smart-alec” answer back and we will pick a winner at 7:40AM. Text number is 250-475-1003.
We will post the question here daily, so check back each day.
Tuesday’s question is: “Are you going to eat that?”
Tuesday’s winner is: “No I am just watching it for a friend”. -Carsen
Wednesday’s question is: “So you haven’t caught any fish yet hun?”
Wednesday’s winner is: “Oh? I was supposed to keep them?”. -Margret
Thursday’s questions is: “Got a flat tire?”
Thursday’s winner is: “No, it’s not flat… It chooses not to be defined by societies idea of how it should look. Are you body shaming my tire?” ~Sarah (who we would NOT want to get into an argument with.)

We were lucky enough to talk to Channing Knull about the upcoming Wounded Warrior Run BC. 
The Wounded Warrior Run BC is a relay style run composed of 6 runners running 700KM, from Port Hardy to Victoria, to raise awareness and funds to battle PTSD. This year, our very own awesome roadie Chris is a team member!

(If anyone has the energy for this… why, it would be Chris!)

mFridays at 8:40am, get into our pool to win the lottery. Sorry, no win on the Friday, February 10th draw.
Here are the numbers for the week: 8,20,24,35,42,43,46

This is…. we incendiary.


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