“Metallica Smart-allica” for Metallica tickets with a crack at FRONT ROW!
Each day this week win tickets to Metallica, Monday, August 14th at BC Place. Each morning at 7:15AM we will put a somewhat daft question out there and you text a “Smart-alec” answer back and we will pick a winner at 7:40AM. Text number is 250-475-1003.
We will post the question here daily, so check back each day.
Tuesday’s question is: “Are you going to eat that?”
Tuesday’s winner is: “No I am just watching it for a friend”. -Carsen
Wednesday’s question is: “So you haven’t caught any fish yet hun?”
Wednesday’s winner is: “Oh? I was supposed to keep them?”. -Margret
Thursday’s questions is: “Got a flat tire?”
Thursday’s winner is: “No, it’s not flat… It chooses not to be defined by societies idea of how it should look. Are you body shaming my tire?” ~Sarah (who we would NOT want to get into an argument with.)

Fridays at 8:40am, get into our pool to win the lottery. Sorry, no win on the Friday, February 10th draw.
Here are the numbers for the week: 8,20,24,35,42,43,46

This is…. we incendiary.


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