Friday we will be auctioning off a once in a lifetime experience!… Get in bed with Ed!

Get a luxury ride down Beacon Ave in Sydney for a great cause. You will be gently “escorted” down the street in a single sized bed by our team of qualified pushers as others gawk in jealousy / pity. Highest donation gets this “amazing life altering experience.” Your donation will go to help our bed race team (The Sheet Ed’s) in raising money for the Palliative Care Unit at Rest Haven Lodge.

Ed will race (or be pushed) in The Q!’s Bed Races on Beacon and, to make sure that there’s no cheating involved, drug tests were ordered. Ed’s did not go so well . . .

Yuri the Russian bottle heaver 0, champagne bottle 1.

We don’t usually endorse candidates, but this fellow may just be on to  something…


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