The $10,000 Potluck Prize Party is on!
Comb your treasury of semi-interesting, kinda valuable, “I don’t really need it anymore” stuff and meet The Q! Morning Show on the radio at 7:40AM.
Full details here.

Monday, April 15th to Friday, April 15th Its Polka’s for Paul!
Each player on The Polka Monster at 8:15AM will qualify to win one pair of tickets to Paul McCartney on Tuesday, April 19 at Rogers Arena (GPD on Friday)


Fridays at 8:40am, get into our pool to win the Lotto Max draw! We will always play two sets of random numbers and one set of seven numbers determined by the dryer gods.
Here are the numbers for the Friday, April 8th $50 Million dollar draw:

 Water balloon fight with stranger.
Time lapse video of  Mt. Tolmie. (video via Darren Alexander)

That awkward time you attempted to do trust falls, but alas, no one was there for you.


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