Cliff’s Call, April 8th: Cst. Sarah Beckett.


  1. You mean April 8th? Confused me. But I got it. Nevermind the date error. Understandable given the content and our collective heavy hearts. Profoundly truthful sound off.

  2. Thank you Cliff! Very well said,and my heart goes out to you and your family. This must be a very emotional time for all of you. I have no real connection to this situation except that I work in the Westshore and her family are fellow Sookians. I am brought to tears often, though, because I have a deep appreciation of the dedication, hard work and difficult job that all police officers face every day. I’m so tired of people saying why is her death so special. Thankfully I have never needed police assistance, but I am so grateful that if I ever do, they will be there. I am in awe of the incredible type of person that would choose to make this most difficult job their career choice. Anybody that would do at is a hero. Thank you again.

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