Oak Bay CVPI [Used Victoria]

Being in a police car is probably a lot more fun when you’re in the driver’s seat rather than the back seat (or the Ed Chair, as the police call it), and now you can find out for the low low price of $5,500.

Oak Bay Police have a decommissioned 2011 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor for sale via social media and online classifieds.  The car is advertised with “low mileage” at 128,600 kilometers, and is “very clean and very well maintained” with no major accidents, a heavy duty automatic transmission and a 251 horsepower engine.

From 1997 to 2011, the Crown Victoria was the most widely used police vehicle in the United States and Canada; in September of 2011 the last one rolled off the assembly line, with Ford introducing a Taurus as its successor.

Siren, police computers, handcuffs, roof lightbar not included.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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