Who says a Facebook rant or writing a grumpy letter to the Times Colonist are your only outlets for whining? We’ll give you the soapbox at 4:40pm (May 4-8) on The Q! Afternoon Show to whine.

Win April Wine tickets with your May Whine. Share what’s bugging you. Whine a little (or a lot) and we’ll hand you two tickets to The Q! presentation of April Wine, May 13th at The Royal Theatre.  

Suggested topics: the jerk in the yellow truck who cut you off in the McTavish roundabout; the loud guy wearing the TapouT shirt in the lineup this morning at Tim Hortons; the smelly obnoxious gentleman sitting next to you on the #50 Langford/Sooke bus; etc. etc.

Would you like some cheese with that whine? ~Ryan


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