William Shatner Goes Where Some May Have Gone Before, Searching For Kraft Dinner To Deliver To The Nanaimo Sector At Warp Factor Three

Everett Botwright [Reed Botwright]

Do you know where a box or two of Star Wars Kraft Dinner can be found?  If you do, little Everett Botwright would be very grateful if you could tell him.  And he has a pretty high profile person on the hunt on his behalf:  Captain James T. Kirk.

Six year old Everett lives in Nanaimo.  He has autism, and recently developed a fondness for Star Wars-branded Kraft Dinner.   Says his dad Reed on Instagram, “He’s on the autism spectrum and one of his quirks revolves around food.  “It’s a struggle to get him his essential nutrients, and unlike most kids, no amount of ‘tough love’ or ‘no treats until you eat your veggies’ will work to coerce him to expand his diet.”

Unfortunately, the Botwrights have depleted the city’s supply of the golden creamy treat; Reed bought the last box on Sunday.  Therefore, they’ve resorted so social media.  “Do you know where we can find more?  We’re desperate,” Reed wrote.  “Don’t do anything illegal, but if a box just happens to fall off a truck, I know a redhead who would be very happy.”

One of those who caught wind of the situation was William Shatner, and he stepped up:

Shatner certainly wasn’t alone.  Other people not only located boxes of KD; they went and bought them, and then indicated that they were going to send them along.  One of those was Facebooker Holly Llennoco; her son had won a Star Wars gift basket containing the sought-after treats, and was prepared to share it with Everett.

Star Wars Gift Basket [Holly Llennoco]

Sandra Christenson said she’d be grabbing 80 boxes of Star Wars KD after work.

Earle even kicked in some product which he’d received as a gift.

And what’s the big attraction to Star Wars KD? It’s pretty simple, really, according to Everett: “Yummy is my taste.”

Love, Dr. Scott James
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