Today in 1985, shortly after releasing his take on The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls (with Carl Wilson on background vocals), David Lee Roth tossed his leonine mane and officially severed ties with Van Halen.  Later that year, Sammy Hagar stepped into the lead singer’s slippers, and that turned out to be fortuitous:  their next album, 1986’s 5150, became their very first number one disc.

The band’s lineup has shifted a number of times since their origins in 1972, and of course the lead singer gig is the one which usually gets the most coverage.  Which version of the band gets your thumbs up?  I’ve left out Mitch Malloy, who was their lead singer at one point in 1996, but only for about ten minutes.

Bonus points if you know what the background picture on the poll is.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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