Late last year, noted Sheffield dispensers of harmonious pop-metal Def Leppard dropped a new self-titled album — their first since 2008.  There was a lot of curiosity about the new disc; the previous effort, Songs From The Sparkle Lounge, had been savaged (no pun intended) by critics, many of whom couldn’t come up with much more than shade-throwing because of the band’s collaboration with country superstar Tim McGraw on one of the tracks.

To be fair, Def Leppard were making some major adjustments at that point:  Mutt Lange, whose bombastic production technique had been largely responsible for their rapid ascent in the 80s, had loaded a couple of ocean liners full of money and scampered off to a secret mountain lair in Switzerland with Shania Twain in tow.

On the latest album, which they produced themselves, there are hints that someone was watching carefully and taking a few notes while Mutt was doing all that knob-twiddling.  The lead track, Let’s Go, which is a mini-chronicle of the band’s road life, is very reminiscent of Pour Some Sugar On Me, and Dangerous channels Photograph in all its multilayered glory.

One of the best things about this album, though, just might be the video for Dangerous.  Behold all of its cheesy 80s-inspired CGIness below.  The goggles — they do nothing!

Love, Dr. Scott James
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