If you’ve been saying to yourself, “Gee Whillikers, there just isn’t enough ‘Weird Al’ in my life”, hang on just a little longer, because sweet, sweet “WA” overload is coming, and what’s on the outside should be just as collectible as what’s on the inside.

Squeeze Box

Next year, the Sultan Of Satire will release an entirely remastered discography of fifteen albums, all tucked into a very fitting custom case:  a replica of his accordion.  Squeeze Box:  The Complete Works Of “Weird Al” Yankovic will be available in various formats including compact disc and 150 gram vinyl.  Or, if you’re not the touchy-feely type, you can snag downloadable versions.

Pricing is yet to be announced, accordion to a “Weird Al” spokesthing.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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