Roadies premieres on Sunday June 26th on SHOWTIME.

The first trailer for Cameron Crowe’s upcoming music series Roadies has been released.

Crowe will write, direct and executive produce the ten episode series. Roadies is a backstage look at a tight-knit group of rock band “roadies”, the crew that sets-up equipment for concerts.

Luke Wilson stars as Bill, the tour manager; Carla Gugino plays Shelli, the band’s production manager; and Imogen Poots is the electrical tech.

“I love music and stories where music is a character,” Crowe told reporters in January at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour. “Over time I was struck by the fact that Almost Famous spoke loudly to people. It was a very personal story for me and I didn’t expect it to touch people that way. I wanted to revisit the world of writing about music but in a different and contemporary way … [telling] authentic stories about people behind the curtain presenting music to people every day.”

Roadies premieres on Sunday June 26th on SHOWTIME.

Note: 0:34 you’d swear that was Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. Probably very likely seeing how much television is filmed in the Vancouver area. Who knows if Cameron Crowe was last at the Coliseum back in the day, tagging along with a band like Led Zeppelin when he was a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine. 




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