Watch Headstones Make Their New Album

Headstones [Frostbyte Media]

Hugh Dillon and his fellow Headstones are camped out at their secret underground lair studio, working on Little Army, which is scheduled for release this spring via Cadence — and they’re inviting you to watch it all go down.

Beginning tonight, the band will livestream and post updates on their social notworking platforms direct from The Tragically Hip‘s Bathouse Studio in the ‘Stones’ home city of Kingston, as well as from Revolution in Toronto and Engine Audio Room in New York City.

Says Cadence Music Group President and CEO Iain Taylor, “In true Canadian fashion, we trekked through a huge snow storm last year to meet the guys and hear the new songs.  The enthusiasm in the room was incredible and the deal was cemented on the spot.”  Frontman Hugh Dillon is also fired up:  “It’s outstanding to see people in the music business who still give a s**t about music.  I haven’t felt this way since Picture of Health.  It’s exciting.”

Headstones came together in 1987 and released their debut, Picture Of Health, in 1993.  The album was certified platinum, moving more than 100,000 copies, and coughed up the singles When Something Stands For Nothing, Cemetery, Tweeter And The Monkey Man and Three Angels.

Since then, Headstones have produced seven studio albums and barrels of charting singles, including the aforementioned When Something Stands For Nothing, which was certified platinum six years ago.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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