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The resurgence of vinyl (you know, the kind on which music is recorded, and maybe even vinyl miniskirts and boots too, I mean, who can keep up with all of this stuff lately) continues unabated in just about every nook and cranny of Planet Earth, and although neckbeards, possessors of man-buns and assorted hipster types are traditionally thought to be the prime drivers, it may not necessarily be so:  a new study suggests that a whole whack of vinyl afficionados are actually middle aged introverts.

Research outfit YouGov surveyed this year’s vinyl purchasers in the UK and found indicators showing that people who dig the big black platters that matter tend to be the type of people who eschew social intercourse, preferring to withdraw into cozy worlds of music.

Takeaways include: 56 percent of vinyl lovers like to keep their feelings to themselves, and 69 percent prefer to be alone.  There may also be a morals factor — 59 percent of respondents said they believe illegal downloading of music is the kind of thing which leads to spankings.

Lastly, it turns out that most UK vinylheads are between 45 and 54, which contradicts a recent US study suggesting that they range from 18 to 24.

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