B.C. Place was brand spanking new in the spring of 1983. The first event held at the dome was a Vancouver Whitecaps soccer game (versus Seattle Sounders) on June 20th. The Beach Boys played a mini-concert at the end of the game.

On August 9th, it was David Bowie (plus opening acts Peter Gabriel and The Tubes) at B.C. Place. Bowie’s Serious Moonlight Tour turned out to be his longest, largest and most successful concert tour.

Bowie’s show at B.C. Place was big news. From the Global BC news archives, here’s a look back at the first big concert event to hit B.C. Place after it’s opening.
Did you go to see David Bowie at B.C. Place in 1983? We’d love to hear what you remember about the experience. Leave your comment below.

This weekend (January 15 – 17) 100.3 The Q! will pay tribute to David Bowie. We’ll remember one of the most influential musicians and artists of our era. We’d love to hear from you with a favourite Bowie song request or concert memory.


  1. Hey Hey…ya…It was brand spanking new in ’83…Heck, Vancouver hadn’t even had the phenom that was to come..a.k.a. EXPO ’86… I was in my early 20’z and bought a pair of tix with my best friend at the time…We planned on double-dating to that concert with our respective girl friends at the time…All I can honestly say is WOW!!..Being that the stadium was spanky new and all, the sound peeps for the concert didn’t know what to expect…While there a couple glitches with regards to lighting and the sound, keeping in mind that the largest venue VanCity had before this was the 18,000 +seat Pacific Coliseum..Which in my opinion, still is a way, way better place to see a concert..The ceiling in that venue is wood..better sound absorber to be sure.
    Any’s(Aussie slang)The Tubes came on first..Fairly short set..Most of the peeps at the show didn’t know too much of their material…Then after a really long break, Peter Gabriel came on…Amazing as always!!..Was just Peter Gabriel and no references to Genesis…Then after another very lengthy intermission, The Thin White Duke appeared..He wore a pastel pink suit if memory serves me correctly…Let’s Dance was soaring up the charts both on radio and in the clubs as well..”So put on your red shoes and lets dance the blues”..we did indeed!! My buddy and I both had our respective girlfriends on our shoulders as was customary back in the day..We did dance we definitly grooved and we most certainly rocked the nite away…
    It still stands out as one of the best shows in my many years of concerts…Was fortunate enough to be able to see Bowie twice more..”Glass-Spider”tour in Toronto for one…He NEVER disappointed…Class act…Shall be missed for one by this life-long fan.

    R.I.P. Davy Jones.

    From: Q Listener,Kevan-Jay Stevens

  2. The pleasure is all mine Ryan….Going up to Mt. Washington this coming weekend.. Thanx again for the lift tix mate…Kevan-Jay
    P.S…We shall indeed have The Q on for the Bowie Tribute Weekend…Cheers

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