7 Cedars Far West Beer Fest Rockline Theme Thursday

The 7 Cedars Far West Beer Fest comes to Sequim this Saturday, and you could be there courtesy of The Q, with round trip transportation on the Coho, tasting tokens, free casino play, food vouchers and more.  Play Fact Or Crap: The Beer Edition on The Q Afternoon Show starring Ryan Awram, and your weekend might just be a lot more fun than you expected.

In recognition of that, we’re opening up the Q’s beer and wine store on Rockline Theme Thursday at noon today, and playing songs which have something to do with drinkie-poos, as Charlie Harper‘s mom might say.

If there’s a particular song you’d like me to play for you, send me an e-mail request, or join me at noon oh five and call or text me at 250 475 100.3 as we rock responsibly, on The Q’s Rockline Theme Thursday.

Fire up the audio player below to hear some musical selections which would get thumbs up from the the Rockline Theme Thursday judging panel today.

Love, Dr. Scott “Here’s Looking Up Your Old Address” James
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