The Q’s Gimme Shelter gives wee artists a chance at fame and glory, and one of four $200 Toys ‘R’ Us gift cards — we’re inviting kids 10 and under to download one or both of our Gimme Shelter templates, color, paint or otherwise get them all arted up, and then get them back to us at The Q’s secret underground lair (2750 Quadra Street, but don’t tell anyone) by 4pm on Thursday July 21.  Ed Bain will tell us who our four winners are on The Q Morning Show Friday July 22, and the winners’ artwork will be used in The Q’s next bus shelter advertising campaign.

Since it’s a coloring kind of thing, we’re getting colorful on today’s Rockline Theme Thursday on The Q:  if it’s a rock song, and it mentions any color at all in it’s title, it’s probably eligible for airplay on the show.

If there’s a particular song you’d like me to play for you, join me at noon oh five and call or text me at 250 475 100.3 — or send me an e-mail — as we go non-monochromatic, on The Q’s Rockline Theme Thursday.

Fire up the audio player below to hear some musical selections which would get thumbs up from the the Rockline Theme Thursday judging panel today.

Love, Dr. Scott “Rainbow” James
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