The Q's Time Machine

Starting tomorrow at 4pm with Ryan Awram, The Q’s airstaffers will once again be undertaking perilous journeys into not-today, as we visit a different year each hour on our Time Machine Weekend.  Unfortunately, the laws of the space-time continuum prohibit us from bringing any objects from the past with us when we return to 2016 — otherwise we’d probably be bringing back one of these in mint condition:


Alas.  In any case, that’s what The Q’s Rockline Theme Thursday is all about today.  We’re looking for songs with the word “year” in their titles — or which contain a direct reference to a year or years in their titles.

If there’s a particular song you’d like me to play for you, send me an e-mail request, or join me at noon oh five and call me at 250 475 100.3 as we get back to where we once belonged, on The Q’s Rockline Theme Thursday.

Fire up the audio player below to hear some musical selections which would get thumbs up from the the Rockline Theme Thursday judging panel today.

Love, Dr. Scott “Yearling” James
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  1. Thursday…Noonish..

    Hey Hey Scott….any possibility to did thru the vaults @ The Mighty Q and uncover “In the year 2525” by Zager and Evans….Cheers form the gang down for lunch today @ Dallas Road beach

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