On October 25, original Much VJ Christopher Ward will release his new book Is This Live? Inside the Wild Early Years of MuchMusic: The Nation’s Music Station.

For many Q! listeners, watching a new band’s video or catching an off-the-cuff “in the environment” interview was enough was enough to pique your interest to get you down to A&B Sound to buy their latest cassette or cd.

Today MuchMusic shows South Park episodes, teen dramas, and game shows. In it’s heyday, the 24 hour music station was the perfect companion to radio for millions of music fans in Canada.

o-muchmusic-vjs-facebookThe station launched in 1984 and on-air hosts (VJs) over the years included Christopher Ward, Steve Anthony, Laurie Brown, Jeanne Beker, Dan Gallagher, J.D. Roberts, Terry David Mulligan, Kim Clarke Champniss, Sook-Yin Lee and Erica Ehm and dozens of others.

Is This Live? by Christopher Ward is about the legacy of early music television and MuchMusic’s impact on music fans across Canada.

Check out the book’s video hub to watch some highlights from the glory days of MuchMusic.




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