The Who frontman Roger Daltrey appears to confirm in an interview that a new three-day mega-festival featuring a who’s who of classic rock legends is in-fact being organized. The Los Angeles Times broke the news that Coachella Festival organizers were putting together a new event this fall that will reportedly feature Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, Neil Young and Roger Waters.

When asked about it, Daltrey told Postmedia Network (via ABC Radio), “I think it’s us and Roger Waters on the same day. I mean it’s a fantastic idea for a festival. It’s the greatest remains of our era. I’m glad we made it!” The Times reported that the festival will take place over three days in Indio, California, where the Coachella festival is held, and will have Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones playing the first night on October 7th, Paul McCartney playing the second night and The Who and Roger Waters playing the final night.

The headline acts are expected to be paid $7 million each for their sets which will likely mean tickets will be in the”pricey” range but really… for a concert like that? I am personally RSVP’ing in the affirmative.

Some math on the subject (in NO WAY officially released or probably accurate, just from a numbers and research geek):

The $7 million estimated for each artist listed works out to $42 million. Take the average attendance at Coach last year (198,000… which would be low at best for this type of show. Here is that number source:…/coachella-2015-earnings-84…) and divide… the equation equals $212.12. Of course, this would only be the artist fee. Double it for “fees and taxes” as per usual at a fest and yes, I would pay $450 to see this lineup and would be stoked to do so.

So far the festival plans have not been officially confirmed by organizers.



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