The east end Toronto house of Gord Downie was sold recently for a reported $2.23 million.

Tragically Hip rocker Gord Downie is a private man. We rarely get a glimpse at his personal life outside of the spotlight.

Here’s a glimpse at the now former Downie homestead in Toronto.

And what a fun way to tour the inside and outside online, with a creative video tour (by Suzanne Lewis, Lewis and Company, Keller Williams) showing a couple of kids (are they Gord’s?) playing hide-and-seek inside the three-bedroom, three-storey house. What rocker’s house isn’t complete with a guitar and photos on the wall with Neil Young?

Gord’s house in east end Riverdale was listed at $2.249 million. It sold on Nov. 5th for a reported $2.23 million.

The previous owners bought the house for $875,000 in 2001.





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