The scariest day of the year (okay, second scariest after the CRA income tax filing deadline) is almost upon us, and The Q has now transmogrified into The Boo.  On Shockline Scream Thursday at noon today, we’re going to do a test run and dust off some of the world’s most frightening rock and/or roll.

If there’s a particular ghoulish song you’d like me to play for you, send me an eeeeeeeee-equest, or join me at noon oh five and call me on the Bone Phone at 250 475 100.3 as we terrorize the neighborhood more than usual, on The Q’s Shockline Scream Thursday.

Fire up the audio player below to hear some musical selections which would get thumbs up from the Shockline Scream Thursday judging panel today.

[audio:|Titles=Shockline Scream Thursday]

Love, Count Scottula

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