Who's Gonna Save Me

ACDC Rosie

Taunted Dogs

InfestationsThings Not Difficult To Say

Coastal Celebration Mechanical IssuesWhat ZZ Top Are Not

Six Habits Of The Extremely Rich

BTO What You've Seen Correct Grammar

Car Noise

Dames Know The Way To My Heart

Repossessed Umlauts1940s Police Dispatchers

Tired Artists

Poor Boy Activities

Self Esteem Bands


Same Lottery Numbers For 22 Years

Foot In Coldwater

Carbon Dating

Things Musicians Would Like You To Get

Dentist Bands

Things I Hear On The Q Phone

Property Of Artist

Things To Avoid To Stay Alive

Preferred Pie

Department Of Redundancy Department

Dog Assumptions

Can't Get Enough

Tragically Hip Names


Donald Trump Portable Digital Media Player

What Paul McCartney Can Buy

Things That Are Five Minutes Ago



Things Musicians Would Like You To Do

Devil's To Do List

Careers With No Future

Things Musicians Would Like You To Not Do

Note:  You may disregard #8 if your name is not William.

Rmove Wine Stain

Broken Families

Who Fans

Beans With Pork

Raised By

Saint Valentines Day People

Swallowed By Camel


Cat Activity Allocation

Nazareth Itinerary

Walk The Dinosaur Coproducer Don Was

Artists Using One Name

Mick Jagger's Correct Grammar Satisfaction Level

Preferred Musician Conveyances

No Passing

Camera Battery Power Remaining

Things Youd Rather Not Hear During Surgery

Twist And ShoutInternet Components

Pepperidge Farm Remembers 02

Flipping Houses

Name Complex

Fake Radio NamesEntertainment Tonight End Credits

Excuse Me

Do You Have The Time

Elevator When You're Going DownElevator When You're Going Up

Can It Be Done

Simon And Garfunkel Awareness

Take Things

Varmint Getaway

Dentist Fear

Porn Reasons

Vancouver Organized Crime

Reasons To Stay Out Of The Pool


Affable Police Dispatcher Favorite Numbers

Ground Control Major Tom

Birds Of A Feather

How The Lion Is Pacing

Wrote On Cheques For The Past Few DaysBand Names Bruce Hornsby ConsideredMick Jagger Satisfaction LevelThings Paul McCartney Did TodayWhat David Gogo Has Been DoingDistribution According To Roxy Music

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