Persons Observed By Yes

Not Great Toys


The Waiting

Jetblue Preflight Checklist

What You Are Dean Martin

Where You Look For Things You Lost

How Are You


Cowling Pun

John Mellencamp Preferred House Color

When Doves Cry

Steve Miller

KISS Itinerary

Who Rejected Band Names

Archie Noises

Canadian Prime Minister Prerequisites

Scott James Appearance

Like Facebook Post Reason

REM Rejected Band Names

Meat Loaf Do For Love

Neil Peart Drum Noises Don Martin

Sun Composition

War What Is It Good For

Orientation Of USB Connector

Modified Rejected ZZ Top Names


Lager And Ale

Orange Is The New Black

More Questionable Careers


ZZ Top Semi Trailer Contents

ACDC Shaking

Things Tom Petty Doesn't Like

Love, Dr. Scott James
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