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Once in a while an application comes along which stands out from the crowd by doing one thing, and doing it well, with a minimum of effort.  One of the latest is Prisma — and while it’s all about filters which change the characteristics of your images, a la the superb Fotor for Windows 10, these are not your dad’s crappy Instagram filters.

Prisma incorporates 34 filters which are all based on the work of famous artists — although the filters are not named after said artists, so if you’re paying homage to Edvard Munch‘s The Scream, for example, there will be a little trial and error involved (although that particular filter is in fact named after the painting).  That’s not a dealbreaker, though, because Prisma takes mere seconds to turn a picture into an art piece with a single tap.

Although there are several other applications which are designed to do the same thing, Prisma’s use of neural networks and artificial intelligence delivers some truly remarkable effects which are far ahead of anything I’ve ever seen in a consumer-facing filter application.

Because I don’t have anything else to do, I put together a gallery of the filter effects, on a landscape scene, and on a wee beastie.

Pictures with plenty of detail seem to work best, and of course some filters work better than others depending on the subject:  you’re not going to get much use out of the Flame Flower filter on a snowy winter scene, for instance.  A quick swipe left or right will allow you to vary the intensity of the resulting effect.

Prisma requires iOS 8 or higher; an Android version is under development, and there’s no sign of a Windows Mobile 10 version (boo).  It’s worth far more than its price, which is zero dollars and zero cents.

Download Prisma from the Apple App Store

Love, Dr. Scott James
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