A staggering amount of Prince’s music has been purchased online since his April 21 death.

His status on Billboard’s charts had faded in previous decades, but his death proves the lasting power of his music. He sold 239,000 albums on April 21 alone, according to Nielsen Music, which tracks sales. Over that weekend, he sold another 399,000 albums.

Those weekend sales were up 16,000% over the previous weekend, when just 2,500 Prince albums were sold.

Here’s Prince’s top 20 best-selling songs in the week ending April 21, according to Nielsen Music:

Sales, Title
122,000, “Purple Rain”*
100,000, “When Doves Cry”
85,000, “Little Red Corvette”
82,000, “Kiss”*
75,000, “Let’s Go Crazy”*
65,000, “1999”
52,000, “I Would Die 4 U”*
49,000, “Raspberry Beret”*
37,000, “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
24,000, “Diamonds and Pearls”**
23,000, “U Got the Look”
22,000, “Darling Nikki”*
19,000, “Adore”
18,000, “Erotic City”*
16,000, “7”***
13,000, “Cream”**
13,000, “Baby I’m a Star”*
13,000, “The Beautiful Ones”*
12,000, “Gett Off”**
12,000, “Do Me Baby”

*Prince and the Revolution
**Prince and the N.P.G.
***Prince and the New Power Generation



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