What was AC/CD (before AC/DC) singer Dave Evans said he would step in for Brian Johnson.
Evans was one of several members of AC/DC before the band matured and began to play all original music. He was a member of the band for less than ten months before officially being replaced by Bon Scott in October 1974.
He told the Sydney Morning Herald that he would be willing to step in for Brian Johnson, who has been advised by doctors to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss. Evans said, “When I perform around the world the fans love my music and my performances and I hear what they tell me. They’re pretty appreciative of my vocals and performances.”
Evans had kind words for Johnson, who claimed a couple of years ago that his hearing loss was caused by being around race cars — his other personal passion — and not from playing loud rock music every night. Evans remarked, “I just thought it was sad news. It’s your lifeblood as a singer, live performances are so personal, without the crowd and the adrenaline, it’s going to be hard for him. Performances are the big highs in our lives.” Evans admitted that he probably wouldn’t get a call from the group, but felt certain that they would carry on. He said, “So long as Angus (Young, guitar) is there in his uniform… it’s a branding thing now, the name AC/DC is almost bigger than the (members of the) band itself. It’s a massive thing all over the world.”
The obvious question, does he deserve a shot?



  1. Sorry is this being played at 45 speed ? Dave didn’t pass the audition in 74 and certainly doesn’t pass the audition in 2016. oh ya please don’t yank those pleather pants up any further it’s disturbing. Angus should do the singing .

    • Don’t think he actually auditioned in 74′ (from what I have read) he had the gig and lost it… and the pants are the secret weapon of high vocal range lol :) But overall, I agree.

  2. Spike O’Neill from “Spike & the Impalers” out of Seattle would be a better replacement than this guy.

  3. How about nobody replace him.Fortunate enough for AC/DC that Bon Scott had already approved of Brain Johnston.The AC/DC gods are getting old.Time to retire if BJ dont come back..and really what the last REALLY good AC/DC album they have made?

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