In October, about a year after word came out that Black Sabbath were in their secret underground lair, scheming to record a second comeback album, they dropped an anvil on those plans and instead concentrated their efforts on their rather lengthy farewell tour, titled The End.

Ozzy Osbourne has now shed some light on his thought processes regarding the deep sixing of the album, mumbling to hacks at Australian news site that “People aren’t really interested in hearing new stuff.”

Elucidating on “the end of Sabbath”, Ozzy also said time was not on their side.  “If we were to do an album before the tour — it would take three or four years to complete the album,” he said.  “We want to end it on a high [heh, heh] note.”  Black Sabbath’s latest album, 13, was released two years ago.

On the other hand, Tony Iommi had a different perspective, sort of pinning it on bassist Geezer Butler.  “I’ve got so many riffs,” he said.  “I wrote a whole load of stuff for another album, and we met up in L.A., but the others … well, Geezer didn’t particularly want to do another album.”

Ozzy also reminded all and sundry that he’s not retiring.  “I’m going to do a solo album and a solo tour,” he said.  “I mean, my wife’s a shopaholic, always off buying f*****g shoes or something, so I’ve got to keep the money coming somehow.”

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