British Columbia transportation minister Todd Stone says that new regulations, effective today, mean that drivers who are occupying the left lane when they should not be will be fined $167 (up from $109) and assigned three penalty points.

“I heard that one of the top driver frustrations across our province was being prevented from passing because someone won’t leave the left lane.  We have strengthened the law to give police better tools to crack down on left lane hogs,” said the minister in a statement.

On multi-lane highways with a posted speed limit of 80Km/h or greater, drivers are required to remain in the right lane unless they are:

  • Overtaking and passing another vehicle
  • Moving left to allow traffic to merge
  • Preparing for a left hand turn
  • Moving left as required by law to pass an official vehicle displaying a flashing light

It’s also permissible to move into the left lane if it’s unsafe to use the right lane, or during rush hour traffic or congested traffic when overall speeds drop to 50Km/h or less.

Love, Dr. Scott James

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