Adam Sandler first performed The Chanukah Song on Saturday Night Live in 1994

Adam Sandler has released a new updated version of his Chanukah Song. This is the fourth edition since its Saturday Night Live debut in 1994. Check out the updated version below.

Sandler performed the latest rendition recently at a show in San Diego and posted the video on Happy Madison’s YouTube page just in time for U.S. Thanksgiving.

Sandler’s latest list of famous Hebrews includes Jesus, Punky Brewster, “We got Scarlett Johansson/ Talk about a kosher crush/ And if you need a higher voice to turn you on/ How about Geddy Lee from Rush!” Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. “Jared from Subway/ God dammit, a Jew/ But guess who’s Jewish and could fix him?/ Love Lines’ Dr. Drew.”





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