OK Go has released their Upside Down & Inside Out music video filmed in zero gravity. Even with the volume muted (the song is just ok) the visuals and concept is pretty amazing stuff.

It was filmed in Russia at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. Was it filmed all in one take? According to OK Go:

“Yes, it’s all one continuous take, but there’s a bunch of time removed. Again, the longest stretch of zero gravity we can get is about 27 seconds, and then it takes five minutes to reset to do it again. We wanted the whole video to take place in weightlessness, so we designed the routine in 27 second chunks, scenes that start and end right at the moments gravity is going and coming back. After we filmed a scene, when gravity returned, we stayed as still as we could for the five minutes of the plane climbing, and then began the next scene as soon as we were weightless again. When we were done, we chose our best take and cut out all of the long reset periods, so the routine is continuous and feels seamless.”




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