Mount Washington Mountain Biking

What have the new owners of Mount Washington Alpine Resorts done for us lately?  Well, for one thing, they’ve opened the mountain up to mountain bikes again, after a three year no-bikes stretch — which, considering the growing popularity of mountain biking on the Island, makes a lot of sense.

Says Mount Washington director of business operations and marketing Don Sharpe, “We’ve got the infrastructure that’s available and you want to use it up as best you can.  The fact that we have a lot of people who have very similar jobs in the winter time that will come back and do it in the summer time is a big advantage for us.”

Sharpe says he recognizes the increasing interest in mountain biking.  “You can see in the growth of people riding their bikes all over the place.  Mountain biking is a growth sport and it’s a great opportunity for us to get back in the game.”

Mount Washington joins Bear Mountain as a bike-friendly location:  Bear Mountain’s trail network underwent an expansion recently, and Canada’s national mountain bike team now has its base there.

The Mount Washington bike park reopens next week.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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