Mötley Crüe’s farewell concert in L.A. featured a Tommy Lee technical difficulty

Mötley Crüe closed out their farewell tour with a final show at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on New Year’s Eve, but not without some technical difficulties.

During Tommy Lee’s solo, his infamous drum kit roller coaster malfunctioned, leaving the drummer hanging upside down. As road crew members scrambled up the structure, Lee said, “It looks like the roller coaster is broken, well f— the roller coaster! Come on guys, help. Come get me. I can’t believe this is happening on the last night. I knew something wasn’t right when I took off.”

Mötley Crüe’s final show began when the lights dimmed and The Sound of Music’s “So Long, Farewell” was piped through the house speakers. Lead singer Vince Neil stopped to thank everyone who helped put the show together, mentioning that drummer Tommy Lee’s drum kit roller coaster took two crews alone to assemble.

The band plans to release the final gig later this year in a concert film.

“I’m proud we’re going out together and not in pieces like so many before us,” Nikki Sixx said last month when talking about Mötley Crüe’s farewell. “I’m excited about the future and proud of our past. I’m excited for Tommy, Vince, and Mick, and wherever they may roam musically.”


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