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Fleetwood Mac drummer and possible Gandalf body double Mick Fleetwood talked to Rolling Stone hacks recently about a new photography project, and during that chat, he let a few felines out of a few satchels regarding the future of Fleetwood Mac.

The band wrapped up their gigantic world tour, featuring their fully restored Rumours lineup, not long ago, and according to Fleetwood, they’ll be hitting the road again, perhaps with a new studio album under their belts.

“We have a cartload of recorded stuff, and I’d like to see it come out.  Truly, I think there should be an album,” he says.  However, he hinted that there may be a fly in the ointment regarding the new album — no names mentioned — although her initials are Stevie Nicks.  “She just doesn’t want to spend the time right now. And we’re quietly saddened about that, but also I sort of understand.”

He’s confident, though, that when Nicks is ready to giddy-up, the wait will have been worth it.  “I do know that when Christine came back [last time], she came back with a bag full of goods. She f***ing wrote up a storm.  She and Lindsey could probably have a mighty strong duet album if they want.  In truth, I hope it will come to more than that.  There really are dozens of songs. And they’re really good.  And so you think, ‘S**t, I don’t want it to be that, decades later, when we’re all pushing up daisies, someone hears this stuff and goes, “Well, that should have come out!”‘ So we’ll see.”

As well, Fleetwood talked about the partnership with the Morrison Hotel Gallery, which has unveiled a showroom of photography in Maui, right next door to his Fleetwood’s General  Store.

This fall, the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, featuring Rick Vito, is touring the US west coast and Canada, revisiting Fleetwood Mac material from the Peter Green era:  “It’s a reminder to me of from whence I came.”  The band will play Farquhar Auditorium at the University Of Victoria Sunday October 02.

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