Leeroy Stagger -- Dream It All Away [Credit: Rebeltone Records/David Guenther]

Victoria’s Leeroy Stagger — whose Where I Live was written about this city with a woman’s name — will deliver his 10th studio album, Dream It All Away, Tuesday May 12 via his personal label, Rebeltone.  The project also features drummer Pat Steward of Odds and Bryan Adams fame, and Mike Lent, who’s played bass for k.d. lang and Jann Arden, among others.

Quoth the media release:  “The sound of a songwriter entering his 12th year of truly relentless recording, touring, discovering and documenting the good, bad, happy and sad — the true joy and chore of the troubadour.”

Leeroy’s cross-Canada tour, which began late last month in Red Deer, includes a stop at Brentwood Bay’s Concerts In The Park on Saturday June 06.  Here’s the opening track from Dream It All Away.

 Love, Dr. Scott James


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