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Bruce Springsteen is on the road right now for a book tour in support of his Born To Run memoir and the accompanying Chapter And Verse album, and he’s hooking up with fans of all ages at book signings around the United States.  One of those young fans in Philadelphia was pretty lucky the other night.

Mike Fenerty and his son Michael rocked out earlier this month with Springsteen at his longest show to date, at Citizens Bank Park, and they also went to his Born To Run signing at the Philadelphia Central Library yesterday.  Mike was concerned that the signing might turn into another four hour-plus marathon, à la one of Springsteen’s concerts, and so he thought ahead, taking along a get-out-of-class-free card which showed the reason for his son’s tardiness or absence.  Michael offered up the card to Springsteen, who promptly made it official and binding by signing it for the fifth grader.

Said Dad, speaking to  “My son said, ‘Bruce, would you sign my absence note?’ [Springsteen] lit up.  He was affectionate toward Michael as soon as he saw him.  He said, ‘I have to read it first, that’s how I got in trouble with my first contract.’  He said, ‘I hope you don’t get in trouble.’  My son was very starstruck.  It was a very cool experience.”

The school was given a photocopy of the note, so that Michael could hang onto the original.

Love, Dr. Scott James
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