Jason Bonham in L.A. 2015. Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

Jason Bonham has had the chance to fill-in for his late Dad John Bonham on drums for Led Zeppelin several times in the past 30+ years. In 2007 for Zeppelin’s O2 reunion show, Jason hit a rock n’ roll home run. When your Dad is considered by many to be the prototypical and greatest hard rock drummer of all-time, those are big shoes to fill.

So, who is Jason Bonham’s second favourite drummer and biggest influence after to his father?

Phil Collins.


Why am I surprised the son of John Bonham has looked to Phil Collins for drumming inspiration? Collins is a player who rarely if never makes any Greatest Drummer of All-Time lists. But hey, when you have the same blood and genes as Bonzo, I guess you look for inspiration in a completely different kind of player. Jason has been a fan of Collins since Abacab and his solo work.

Speaking of things Zeppelin and Phil Collins, there was that ill-conceived Live Aid gig (he’s admitted he was rubbish) when Phil  sat behind the kit for Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. I thought that would have turned Jason off Phil for life. (To be fair to Collins, Page appeared buzzed, or at the very least dazed and confused during the set, and Plant couldn’t find any right notes. Any chances of future Zep reunions was almost killed that day in Philadelphia with that horrible set and Phil would have gone down partly at fault)

Phil (not holding MTV microphone) with Jones, Plant & Page at Live Aid, 1985

Read the details via Billboard magazine about Jason Bonham filling-in for Phil Collins for secret rehearsals in 2014 for a considered comeback solo tour.




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